Why are Cupro Baronettes so nice?

The Cupro Baronettes are made from a sand-washed cupro/viscose blend. Cupro is made from regenerated cotton in a closed loop system, where no water or chemicals are released into nature. It's a more durable alternative to silk, one of the most environmentally sustainable fabrics. Even vegans can use it!

Black Rose by BvB available at JF Curated

For the first time in years, Baron von Bulldog products are available in the high street!

JF Curated in Oslo will feature three Black Rose by BvB dresses: Audrey, Sophia and Marilyn, with bespoke accessories.

Every dress is made to order. Treat yourself this holiday season! You'll find Marte's store here:

JF Curated, Oslo

Every Baronette, lock and matching handkerchief with secret pocket is delivered in a black fabric gift bag. But we will happily put it in an exclusive gift box for you.

The perfect gift for someone you love.

This is how easy it is to tie a Baronette.

Take Baronette and lock

Slide lock on